Qrera Technologies was started in 2015 by Alumni of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich (ETHZ) and a graduate from Indian Institute of Science (IISc). Qrera aims to develop tools, products and services useful for the research community and pick up problems that fall in the public domain and address it with the effective, efficient and elegant technological solutions.

A Q&A to help the interns understand Qrera’s motivations and functioning better –

How did the idea of Qrera come up?

“After graduating from ETH Zürich in Mechanical Engineering and later working as a Research Assistant at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, Amod Hulge, CEO of Qrera Technologies, was convinced of the need for specific machines to facilitate and speed up innovation and research. As part of this mission, Qrera launched the ADAM-an open source 3D printer.”

What does a typical workday at Qrera look like?

“The usual workday starts a little later compared to Swiss hours – around 9.30 am. There is no canteen in the office, so the small team of 6 employees usually steps outside in the vibrant district of Mathikere for lunch. The team members, who are coming from different backgrounds including logistics, accounting and mechanical engineering, meet up on a very regular basis to discuss the objectives and upcoming challenges. The day usually ends between 6.00 and 6.30pm.”

What is Qrera’s vision?

“Qrera tries to address problems in research and non-research domain. With skills and technical abilities, the company tries to solve these on a long-term basis and develop awesome technologies. The work involves a lot of trial and error, but also leads to an everyday learning process and great final products.”

What does Qrera expect from the interns?

“Indians and Swiss embody different approaches to engineering, innovation and technology. Ideally, the learning process for Qrera and the intern should go both ways. Furthermore, an enthusiastic team player who likes to interact with the team would be a great fit to Qrera.”

What does Qrera hope to gain from this experience?

“Amod has a strong connection to Switzerland. During his Master’s studies at ETH Zürich, he worked for Güdel AG in Bern. There he learned the importance of a systematic approach which Qrera hopes to improve.”

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