High Precision Integrated Joint for a Robotic armShalaby explored potential designs that make the integration of the joints of the robotic arm simpler without compromising the precision of the joint and manufacturing and assembly processes to reduce the cost.
Cardiotrack Patient Android ApplicationLucas Alborghetti was tasked with creating a consumer application for Cardiotrack patients to quickly access their medical reports, connect to their partner clinics and cardiac centres, apart from other features.
The Rainbow GUN for 3D PrinterJérémy Michaud worked on developing a modular inkjet nozzle to spray the various colours while 3D printing an object.
Detection of Human Presence 
in an Industrial Robotic Arm’s WorkspaceThe project aimed to mount one or more infra-red sensors on the waist of a robotic arm. Thibaut Loiseau was closely involved in this initiative.
Design of a 2-Axis Actuator for the Art Installation “Handheld Video”Stefanie Nacht worked on creating the actuator for the art installation “Handheld Video”, a blank canvas that imitates the motions of shaky video captured by a handheld camera.
Analysis and Design of an Actuation Concept for the Art Installation “Captured Sun”In the installation “Captured Sun”, an abstraction of the sun is hanging loose, shackled by its rays to a canvas. Benoit Dubath's goal was to conceptualize, analyse, and develop the actuator for this installation.