High Precision Integrated Joint for a Robotic arm

High Precision Integrated Joint for a Robotic arm

High Precision Integrated Joint for a Robotic arm

Designs of robotics arm have evolved to a chain of modular compact and lightweight joints which can be cascaded in series for flexible designs. Each modular joint encompasses all the elements required to generate angular motion – a motor with controller, encoder, speed reducer, and brake; and all of them with a hollow bore for cabling to network the joints. These features come at a cost which makes them unaffordable for small and medium size industries. The project explored designs that make the integration simpler without compromising the precision of the joint and manufacturing and assembly processes to reduce the cost.

The intern focused on:

  • Analysis and design for manufacture and assembly of the integrated joint
  • Testing of the assembly for performance related to precision

What was in it for the intern?

The intern had exposure to multi-disciplinary aspects of robotic arm – mechanical, electrical and electronics.

Expected outcome

  • Design of the integrated joint
  • Manufacture of the prototype and performance test results

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StudentAbdelrehman Shalaby
InstitutionETH Zurich
DurationJuly – September 2018