Cardiotrack Patient Android Application

Cardiotrack Patient Android Application

Cardiotrack Patient Android Application

Cardiotrack is a complete solution from IoT device to Android application for Physician and Cardiologist, Cloud backend and so on. They needed to connect their patients being screened on Cardiorack platform, with the core solution through a new Android application specifically for patients. The goal of the project was to create a consumer application for patients to quickly access their reports, connect to their partner clinics and cardiac centres, apart from other features.

What was in it for the intern?

Hands-on experience in – 

  • Building consumer centric Android application
  • Integrating an app with a live system and how to work on production environment
  • Other software development life cycle related learning

Expected outcome

Bug free Cardiotrack Android Application in releasable state to Google Play Store for Beta Testing

About Cardiotrack

Cardiotrack is a B2B IoT, Cloud, AI and Android based healthcare diagnostics platform for clinic chains and hospitals to improve operational efficiency, provide improved patient care, save lives and achieve better financial results. Our solution is ideally suited to improve cardiac cath lab operations as we are able to identify new patients and categorize them based on severity of their condition. This approach helps save time for the patients based on severity and saves lives because early diagnosis leads to timely intervention.



StudentLucas Alborghetti
DurationSeptember – November 2018