The Rainbow gun for 3D Printer

The Rainbow gun for 3D Printer

The Rainbow gun for 3D Printer was an interesting project to develop modular inkjet nozzle to spray the various colours while 3D printing of an object. This project had three stages –
1. Development of Rainbow gun for a single colour
2. Development of Rainbow gun for multi-colour.
3. Software development to incorporate colour information in the GCODE generation.

What was in it for the intern?
The intern worked on developing a software using open source platform which will be able to decode the colour information from the CAD model and incorporate it into the GCODE generation to make the Rainbow gun work as per the program.

Expected outcome
Software that decodes the colour information from CAD model and translates it into GCODE information. This will be used to make the 3D printing much more fun and colourful.

About Qrera
Qrera is a unique Industrial Robots manufacturer based out of Bangalore, India. With a mission to enable widespread adoption of robotics globally, their future-ready ASYSTR platform constantly challenges convention with breakthrough user experience, patented design innovations and a new economic paradigm.

StudentJérémy Michaud
DurationSeptember – December 2017