Making friends and prototypes

I was very excited that I got the chance to do an internship in Bangalore as the city is known as the Silicon Valley of India. When I arrived in Bangalore I quickly realised that this image is more than fitting. Whenever I met someone new, chances were that the person worked in an IT enterprise. Surprisingly most of my work colleagues were around my age, so I could make a lot of local friends.

At Achira Labs my job was to build an automation machine that increases the productivity of microfluidic chips. It was a very interesting job, as I had to apply my knowledge of different subjects such as Biology, Chemistry and Engineering. They gave me a lot of responsibility with this project, as I had to develop something very important for the company that had not been done before. It was the first time that such importance had been placed on my work. Whatever resources I needed, they made sure I got it. A big thank you to my two supervisors Dr. Purbasha Halder and Dr. Lokanathan Arcot, from whom I gained a lot of knowledge that helped me build a prototype of a pick-and-place machine successfully. The machine could pick up a micro-sensor and place it accurately into the microchip. I recommend the India Industry Internship program to all those who wish to put their theoretical knowledge to practical use.



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