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Pascal Kistler completes his three month internship at technology startup, Rapyuta Robotics. He shares the highlights of his experience in India –

When I arrived in India a few months ago, I didn’t know what to expect from this country, the city and my internship. During my first few days I was overwhelmed by the flood of new impressions while trying to adjust to this new life. From the start I met very supportive people giving me tips, recommending good restaurants and, (at Rapyuta Robotics) helping me getting familiar with their technology stack.

Rapyuta Robotics is building a Cloud Robotics platform to provides access to an ecosystem of easy to deploy applications built by other robotics developers. They’re using the latest container technology to manage and separate customer applications while leveraging the advantages of cloud providers.

In this environment, I started my internship as a Cloud Software Engineer. Very helpful coworkers provided me with the necessary hardware and made the on-boarding process as smooth as possible. After getting familiar with all the technologies used at Rapyuta Robotics it was time to start designing, developing, testing and deploying my first productive feature for the rapidly developing platform.

I felt fully integrated from my first day at Rapyuta. It was interesting to see how Scrum is being deployed with a bigger team size and comparing that to my experience with Scrum in smaller teams.

I liked being responsible for researching the best design, building a prototype and getting it reviewed before implementing it. I enjoyed collaborating with the front-end team in giving the new feature a face on our platform.

Rapyuta Robotics arranged a conveniently located apartment for me to stay during my internship. The walk to the office in the morning while occasionally taking a small detour to grab a good coffee gave me some time to fully wake up. In the evening, walking through the tree-covered neighbourhood helped me disconnect from my work. After work, I headed over to enjoy a good Indian dinner or met up with friends at a bar nearby.

Especially during the world cup many evenings were spent in bars with friends supporting each others countries. Occasionally the party was continued at a friends place until early morning. The longer I was in Bangalore, the more I wanted to extend my internship and spend more time here.

Overall, the time spent in India was amazing. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity of experiencing the daily life in a big Indian city, making new friends from all over the world and seeing myself change.

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