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“As an engineer in automation and electronics, it was a complete break to start an internship where my mission was to develop machine learning algorithms”, Vincent Berger from HEIG – VD. Learn more about Vincent’s internship experience in India –

While nearing the end of my studies at HEIG – VD, I was looking for new experiences and wanting to try something different in a personal and professional capacity. I heard about the opportunity to intern in India through swissnex India’s India Industry Internship program and I realized that it would be a perfect transition before starting a career in Switzerland or elsewhere.

As an engineer in automation and electronics, it was a complete break to start an internship where my mission was to develop machine learning algorithms. During three months, I have been working for Cardiotrack in Bangalore. Cardiotrack is a disruptive healthcare diagnostics company that is making heart healthcare more accessible and efficient by proposing a portable device to record heart signals (ECG). The company’s mission is to significantly reduce the cost of diagnosis through continuous innovation and bring accessible on-time diagnosis for under-served areas.

My responsibility in the company was to use the recorded heart signals by the device to develop a program to detect common heart diseases. In the first place, I had to dig into the cardiac world to understand the basics of ECG. This allowed me to have an overview and start imagining the solution I had to develop. Then I started handling the provided data set to highlight the principal features and started prototyping models to achieve a reliable disease detection. The several problems caused by the quality of the field data pushed me to always innovate and find new solutions to increase the performances of the machine learning algorithms.

During my experience at Cardiotrack, I had the chance to be integrated in the team and benefit from the experience of people passionate about innovation in healthcare. I also learned more about how a start-up company works and the different challenges they face. Keeping aside the professional side, everyone in the company was supportive and helpful, ensuring that I had a comfortable stay in India.

Bangalore is an interesting city where I had the chance to meet lots of people from different parts of India, and also people from all over the world. Many of them became friends. I had got the chance to travel to several places in south India on the famous “sleeper buses” where the trips start late at night and the destination is arrived at early in the morning. Hampi is an example of a location stuck in time with a unique landscape that no one travelling to south India should miss.

My stay in Bangalore was an incredible experience. It helped me change my perception of the world on the professional and personal front. I’m thankful I had the chance to live, work and meet people in such a country.

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