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Maria Fani Poulopoulou from SUPSI shares her thoughts on the experience beyond the four walls of her classroom.
I was already looking for opportunities to expand my knowledge and get a hands-on industrial perspective on engineering. What better way than working for a company as interesting as Systemantics.
Systemantics is a small robotics company, which was founded in 1995 and aims to promote the adoption of highly sensitive but affordable industrial robots in the Indian and Asian markets. Over my first interaction with Jugy, the company’s CTO, I was briefed about the various opportunities and projects I could work on. The next three months at Systemantics was a huge learning curve for me.
I learned how to work on engineering projects, especially from an organisational point of view. Each project involved a great deal of team work, where every member’s contribution was significant to come to a better solution. The team meetings we had everyday was a great learning platform, with updates on individual progress, possible doubts, exchange of novel ideas and interesting debates. Jugy’s leadership skills are commendable. He questions our thoughts/ approaches on how our ideas would work in reality, what are the challenges and possible solutions.
As a big foodie and traveller myself, I was already excited about this internship opportunity. My stay in Bangalore was a lot of  fun, with great friends and good memories. I stayed at this beautiful place called The Little Blu Window Hostel, where I met a lot of tourists from all around the world. Everyday after work and trips from around the city, we were ready to spend the rest of our evening dining, chatting and playing table games.
Every part of my stay in India was unique! I got past some festivals, exploring new food and culture and clicking photographs worth a lifetime. Through my internship I met a lot of extraordinary people with whom I shared trips, ideas and unforgettable moments.
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