Completing my Asia experience with India

Aslan from SUPSI was eager to learn what Indian engineering had in store. Find out how his internship played a role –

“When I first read about the possibility of doing an internship in India, I really did not expect to have such an incredible experience as the one I have had in the last three months.”

It all started with a video call with the CTO of Systemantics who showed interest in having me in their design team. I was very happy with this call, because in the period before the internship I had the opportunity to see in person the engineering world of Japan and China. From that moment onwards, I realised that, to expand my knowledge about the Asian engineering world, I would have to visit India.  What better way than working for a company as interesting as Systemantics.

Also, being a passionate traveler, I could not hope for a better internship than the one in the land of wonders!

Systemantics, founded in 1995, is a small robotics company that aims to promote the adoption of highly sensitive but affordable industrial robots in the Indian and Asian markets.

My internship began with a meeting between me and Jugy (the company’s CTO), during which we discussed the various open projects I could work on. From the beginning I understood that it would be impossible for me to choose one, so I decided to work on all three!

Working for Systemantics and a team led by Jugy was a huge experience for me. In these 3 months I have learned how to deal with an engineering project from an organisational point of view so that every member of the team can contribute and get to the solution in a simpler and shorter way. The work was organised through daily meetings, where each team member compared their progress and doubts of their projects. This allows everyone to acquire new knowledge of various engineering fields, and above all, to debate each other’s ideas. One aspect that I particularly appreciated was the approach that Jugy takes to lead the team, giving everyone the necessary time to arrive at a valid solution and at the same time acquire new knowledge. This attitude allowed me to conclude all three projects in the best possible way.

My stay in Bangalore was also fun with great friends and good memories. The first month I stayed in a beautiful place called The Little Blu Window Hostel where I met a lot of tourists from everywhere around the world and had a great time with them. In the last two months of the internship I decided to live in a beautiful apartment on the top floor of a building in a student area, in order to live the local life. From the huge rooftop of my appartment it was possible to see almost all of Bangalore. Every day, when everyone was back from work, we were ready to dine, talk or play cards up there.

What made my experience unique and unforgettable was not only the internship, but above all the countless trips I made (which will continue at the end of my work in Bangalore) to various parts of India. How could a backpacker like me stay in the same place all the time, in a country like India?! In the 3 months of my internship, I spent only 3 weekends in Bangalore. I traveled on all the others, taking advantage of the various Indian festivals, exploring the states of South India and taking pictures of incredible places that I will never forget!

I met a lot of extraordinary people with whom I shared trips, tents, ideas and unforgettable moments.

Thank you swissnex India for this memorable experience!

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