India Industry
Interships(III) is a
flagship program by
swissnex India

held in association with Swiss Federal Institutes, Universities of Applied Sciences and Gebert Rüf Stiftung

About III

India Industry Internships (III) is a flagship program by swissnex India, held in association with ETH Zurich, HEIG Vaud, HSR, SUPSI, HEIA – FR and FHNW. An initiative to bring Switzerland and India closer, III offers an exciting opportunity for Swiss engineering students from the Federal Institutes and Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences to work in Bangalore, India for a 3-month industrial internship in the field of robotics. AI and Digital Health. The Swiss students will be hosted by Indian SMEs in Bangalore and will work on live projects related to his/her field in collaboration with young Indian engineers.

Alternative exposure

Exposure to an alternative engineering culture and environment, with different skills and resources to solve engineering problems, beyond what’s available in Switzerland.

Gaining insight

Gaining insight into frugal engineering necessitated by affordability levels in India. Participation in lateral problem solving and anticipating and managing challenges. 

Hands-on experience

Having hands-on experience with Indian machine shops and access to mass manufacturing possibilities usually unavailable for prototypes.

Inter-cultural exposure

Gaining inter cultural exposure at a young age; and having the ability to inspire appreciation and love for hands-on learning and making in India.

Past Projects

Our interns worked on cutting-edge robotic technologies with the best-in-class mentors in Bangalore.

  • High Precision Integrated Joint for a Robotic arm

    Shalaby explored potential designs that make the integration of the joints of the robotic arm simpler without compromising the precision of the joint and manufacturing and assembly processes to reduce the cost.

  • Cardiotrack Patient Android Application

    Lucas Alborghetti was tasked with creating a consumer application for Cardiotrack patients to quickly access their medical reports, connect to their partner clinics and cardiac centres, apart from other features.

  • Detection of Human Presence 
in an Industrial Robotic Arm’s Workspace

    The project aimed to mount one or more infra-red sensors on the waist of a robotic arm. Thibaut Loiseau was closely involved in this initiative.

  • Design of a 2-Axis Actuator for the Art Installation “Handheld Video”

    Stefanie Nacht worked on creating the actuator for the art installation “Handheld Video”, a blank canvas that imitates the motions of shaky video captured by a handheld camera.

  • Analysis and Design of an Actuation Concept for the Art Installation “Captured Sun”

    In the installation “Captured Sun”, an abstraction of the sun is hanging loose, shackled by its rays to a canvas. Benoit Dubath’s goal was to conceptualize, analyse, and develop the actuator for this installation.

Why Bangalore?

In the early 2000’s, a handful of indigenous robotics companies started to mushroom in India. However, the highly lucrative global IT service outsourcing in India, consumed a majority of the best engineering minds in the country, including from non-IT related fields.

The few, small robotics companies that have survived have a great pioneering spirit and deep commitment to engineering. The challenges faced compels them to think of radical optimisation, efficiency and robustness in their design and production. The result is a singular approach to engineering itself: working on parallel processes, using opportunistic tactics for creative problem solving and taking advantage of a rich and diverse manufacturing infrastructure that combines industrial as well as handmade techniques. This method of working necessitates a certain flexibility and condition of chaos which is a unique advantage in India. It allows for direct and strong feedback between designers and machine shops, who work in close contact. This scenario is in such sharp contrast to Swiss engineering, that it would be very meaningful to exchange and learn from each other.

Reach out to the University
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