Work in India

Exposure to alternative engineering culture and environment with different skills and resources to solve engineering problems beyond what’s available in Switzerland.

Industrial Internships

Gaining insight into frugal engineering necessitated by affordability levels in India. Participation in a lateral problem solving and anticipating and managing challenges. 

In AI for energy, Robotics and Digital Health

Having hands on experience with the Indian startup culture and access to mass manufacturing possibilities usually unavailable for prototypes.


Meet swissnex India, the founder of the India Industry Internships initiative, who connects Switzerland and India in the fields of science, education, art and innovation. An initiative of the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI), in association with the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, swissnex India is a part of the Consulate General of Switzerland in Bangalore.

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Take a peek at the exciting past projects that have aided Swiss students to hone their skills, working with the Indian experts who break new technical grounds every day.

High Precision Integrated Joint for a Robotic armShalaby explored potential designs that make the integration of the joints of the robotic arm simpler without compromising the precision of the joint and manufacturing and assembly processes to reduce the cost.
Cardiotrack Patient Android ApplicationLucas Alborghetti was tasked with creating a consumer application for Cardiotrack patients to quickly access their medical reports, connect to their partner clinics and cardiac centres, apart from other features.
The Rainbow GUN for 3D PrinterJérémy Michaud worked on developing a modular inkjet nozzle to spray the various colours while 3D printing an object.
Detection of Human Presence 
in an Industrial Robotic Arm’s WorkspaceThe project aimed to mount one or more infra-red sensors on the waist of a robotic arm. Thibaut Loiseau was closely involved in this initiative.
Design of a 2-Axis Actuator for the Art Installation “Handheld Video”Stefanie Nacht worked on creating the actuator for the art installation “Handheld Video”, a blank canvas that imitates the motions of shaky video captured by a handheld camera.
Analysis and Design of an Actuation Concept for the Art Installation “Captured Sun”In the installation “Captured Sun”, an abstraction of the sun is hanging loose, shackled by its rays to a canvas. Benoit Dubath's goal was to conceptualize, analyse, and develop the actuator for this installation.
How it works

Timeline: Applicants must join latest by September 15, 2019.

Eligibility: The students must have an academic background in Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Robotics or any other similar field.

Support to studentsLiving allowance (for accommodation, food, local transportation) of INR 65’000 monthly following FDFA guidelines for India.


Hear from the Swiss students in India- Benoit Dubath

Benoit Dubath from ETH Zurich shares his experience of doing an automation internship at the Indian art studio, Pors and Rao and being a part of the India Industry Internships program curated by swissnex India.

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India team.

Please reach out to the University Partnerships team at swissnex India for any enquiry. We will be happy to answer your questions.


  • “The core of swissnex India’s mission is to shape the leaders of tomorrow by exposing them to new ways of thinking and offering them inspiration for new ideas. By initiating and designing the iii-program together with its partner institutions, swissnex India creates opportunities for young people for a unique learning experience in one of the world’s growing innovation hubs.”

    Sebastien Hug
    CEO | swissnex India and Consul General of Switzerland
  • ” swissnex India’s “India Industry Internships” programme inspires ETH Zurich students to leave their comfort zone in Zurich and for a few months confront real-world challenges in a country with a marked growth in the output of top-quality science.”

    Dr. Jürg Brunnschweiler
    Director | ETH Global
  • “Conceptual and entrepreneurial interaction with science is the central tenet of Gebert Rüf Stiftung. The focus is on the promotion of science entrepreneurship among the younger generation of academics at Swiss institutions of higher education. If education, research and innovation are to be effective and useful, interdisciplinary strategies are called for. For these reasons Gebert Rüf Stiftung supports the “India Industry Internships” programme. We strongly believe that both projects partners profit from this crosscultural exchange.”

    Gebert Rüf Stiftung
  • “I was delighted to hear about the start of the program. My experiences of working with engineering students in Switzerland over the last five years have been very rewarding. To me, there is immense potential in bridging the highly disciplined, advanced Swiss precision engineering with the vibrant problem solving culture in India and rich flexibility and customisation made possible by the local manufacturing and fabrication eco systems.”

    Aparna Rao
    Co-founder | Pors & Rao Studio
  • “The iii program was such an amazing experience. It changed me both personally and professionally. I gained a lot of self-confidence, independence, and flexibility. I am thankful to swissnex and its team for making this adventure possible and I recommend it to anyone who wishes to step out of their comfort zone.”

    Jérémy Michaud
    intern with Qrera Technologies
  • “I have really enjoyed interning at Pors and Rao for the past three month with the III program. It was for me, the first opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge of engineering to real world problems and application. The multidisciplinary aspects of the project and its environment itself made it a unique professional and personal experience.”

    Benoît Dubath
    Intern with Pors & Rao
  • “Lots of memories and an unforgettable experience. I would love to come back some time in the future. All thanks to swissnex for the great opportunity and the continuous support!”

    Abdelrahman Saeed Shalaby
    ETH Zurich
  • “The longer I was in Bangalore, the more I wanted to extend my internship and spend more time here”.

    Pascal Kistler
    HSR, Rapperswil