The Rainbow GUN for 3D PrinterThe Rainbow gun for 3D Printer is an interesting project [...] Jérémy Michaud from HEIG-VD working at Qrera September – December 2017
Automation for Manufacturing Scale-upThe project involved the design and development of an automated […] Deaglán Kägi from ETH Zurich working at Achira Labs June – September 2017
Detection of Human Presence
in an Industrial Robotic Arm’s WorkspaceOne or more infra-red sensors will be mounted on the […] Thibaut Loiseau from HEIG-VD working at Systemantics September – December 2017
Design of a 2-Axis Actuator for the Art Installation “Handheld Video”In the art installation “Handheld Video”, a blank canvas imitates […] Stefanie Nacht from ETH Zurich working at  PORS & RAO September – December 2017
Analysis and Design of an Actuation Concept for the Art Installation “Captured Sun”In the installation “Captured Sun”, an abstraction of the sun […] Benoit Dubath from ETH Zurich working at PORS &  RAO September – December 2017