Automation for
manufacturing scale-up

Automation for manufacturing scale-up

The project involved the design and development of an automated nanoliter reagent dispensing system for the scale up of microfluidic chip manufacture. The scale up of microfluidic chip manufacture using automation is critical to commercializing cutting edge microfluidic technology at a cost that is affordable in countries like India.

What’s in it for the intern?
The intern will gain an exposure to microfluidics, automation and image processing. The student will be required to understand system requirements from the manufacturing ship floor, iterate through multiple designs and fabricate assemblies that can demonstrate the scaling up of nanoliter reagent dispensing on microfluidic chips.

Expected outcome
Breadboard level mechatronic assembly demonstrating automation of reagent dispensing.

About Achira Labs
Achira Labs is a pioneering Bangalore-based company that has developed proprietary lab-on- chip platforms to perform rapid, blood tests near-patient settings.  Our vision is to radically alter the paradigm for medical diagnostics in underserved markets through the development and commercialization of disruptive and low-cost technologies. The company has an in-house prototyping lab and strong capabilities ubd developing Lab –on-a- Chip devices and opto-electro-mechanical instrumentation.

StudentDeaglán Kägi
InstitutionETH Zurich
CompanyAchira Labs
Duration June – September 2017